Garage Door Safety Protect your family and property by performing regular maintenance on your garage door.

Keeping you and your loved ones safe; don't let your garage door spell disaster!

As the largest moving object in your home, a garage door is basically a moving wall. As, such, it has the greatest potential to injure a family member or damage property. An improperly installed garage door system can exert tremendous force when the door closes. In fact, statistics show that over 30,000 people annually are injured by faulty garage door systems. Prevent unnecessary accidents and injury by selecting an experienced garage door professional to install, repair and maintain your garage door. Call us today for assistance.

Keep Your Children Safe

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reports that many children between the ages of 2 and 14 have been trapped and killed by an automatic garage door accident. Other children have suffered brain damage and other serious injuries when the closing door hits them and fails to stop and reverse its direction. Teach your children to keep their hands and fingers clear of section joints, hinges, tracks, springs and other garage door parts. Contact with a moving garage door or its hardware can cause serious injury.


Garage doors can weigh as much as 1,000 lbs., capable of causing serious injury, or even death, if proper care and maintenance are not employed. A few simple precautions can protect your family and friends from potential harm. Please take a few minutes to read the following safety and maintenance tips, and don't hesitate to contact the professionals at Central PA Dock & Door for assistance.

7 Simple Garage Door Safety Tips

  1. Never let a child play with or play around your garage door.
  2. Never leave a child or disabled person alone near a garage door.
  3. Teach your children about garage door safety. Never let them play with the garage door remote controls.
  4. Check the rollers and cables for your garage door every month to ensure they are in good working order.
  5. Never leave an automobile or personal property underneath an open garage door.
  6. Call Central PA Dock & Door for your annual 18 point safety inspection.
  7. Keep the wall button out of the reach of children. The recommended height is at least 5 feet from the floor.

Routine Maintenance Can Prevent Tragedies

Take a few minutes to inspect and test your complete garage door system. Make monthly inspections and testing a part of your regular routine. Garage door safety is everyone's business; make it automatic in your home.

Testing and Maintaining Your Garage Door

Review your garage door Owner's Manual and perform routine maintenance steps once a month. If you do not have a manual, look for the manufacturer's name and model number on the back of the door or the lock handle. Contact the manufacturer and request a manual.

Visual Inspection

Look at the garage door springs, cables, rollers, pulleys and other hardware for signs of wear. Call Central PA Dock & Door immediately if you suspect any problems.

Garage door springs and cables are under very high tension. If handled improperly, they can cause serious injury or death. Only a certified technician should adjust them. Do not attempt to repair or adjust springs yourself.

A safety cable should be installed on all extension springs (the springs mounted above the track) to help contain a spring if it breaks.

Never remove, adjust or loosen the screws on the bottom brackets of the door. These brackets are connected to the spring system by the lift cable and are under extreme tension.


Regularly lubricate the moving parts of the door with a silicon based spray only. Do not lubricate plastic rollers or plastic idler bearings. Consult the garage door Owner's Manual for the manufacturer's recommendations.

Door Balance

Periodically test the balance of your garage door:

  • Start with the door closed.
  • If you have a garage door opener, use the release mechanism so you can operate the door by hand when performing this test.
  • You should be able to lift the door smoothly and with little resistance. It should stay open around 3-4 feet above the floor. If it does not, it is out of adjustment.
  • Contact the professionals at Central PA Dock & Door to have it adjusted by a certified technician.

Suspect a Problem?

If you suspect a problem with your garage door, contact the experts at Central PA Dock & Door for immediate assistance. Call us at 717-248-1397 or fill out our Contact or Schedule Service form.